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Weed Harvesting (New)

 We have purchased a new Eco Harvester for the 2017 season! Our eco friendly harvester pulls weeds up from the roots. Its an environmentally friendly way to harvest aquatic plants. It is the only aquatic harvester that works in this manner as all other harvesters cut the weeds leaving large amounts of cuttings that form new growth. Our new harvester is 95% effective at uprooting milfoil and other aquatic plants. Call us for a quote! 


Manual Harvesting

 We are professional and certified scuba divers. With our skills and years of experience we can harvest your aquatic weeds by hand with the goal of pulling them out by the roots to reduce the rate of regrowth. 

This method is ideal for swimming areas and around your docks or swim platforms. 

Photos by www.davidmccaughan.com  


Benthic Barriers

 A benthic barrier is a man made product installed in early spring on your lake bottom like a carpet.  It can be moved throughout the seaon or simply kept in place.  The barriers are removed at the end of the season, cleaned and stored to extend the life of the barrier. 

We can aquire and install these barriers in your swim area, around your dock.  When the fall comes will remove them so you can benefit by enjoying your lake front for years to come.  

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